API, REST, SPRING, Java Persistence

The initial aim of the course unit is to be able to comprehend the basic concepts of software programme development, such as build tools and version control systems (Git). The aim, with these tools, is to understand the management of a development project that might be encountered in the software industry. The other main objective of the unit is to learn the basics of web programming (use of API Rest, JSON, HTML, CSS, JavaScript) through practical exercises. The students will therefore need to code a web application. The programming languages dealt with are Java and JavaScript.

This course overviews the domain of Internet-of-things, which links physical world to the internet and the web. We put the emphasis on relevant technologies and real applications. Hardware-wise, we look at some technologies used in the industry (Orange), and some easy-to-develop ones, like Arduino and Raspberry. Communication-wise, we study the different layers (link, transport, application) required to develop an end-to-end IoT platform.

The course is also complemented by an integrative project during which students have to applied and choose the relevant technologies and protocols to design a full physical world-to-internet system.